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Home Based Sleep Study

Woman Sleeping

For direct sleep study referral, please complete Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS) & STOP BANG questionnaire.  MBS Criteria for direct sleep study requires: ESS > 8 and STOP BANG > 4

Why do I need this test?

This test is used to monitor your breathing, heart rate and body movement while you sleep.

Your Doctor may recommend this test for the following reasons;

  • Witnessed apnoea or choking

  • Regular fatigue, sleepiness or loud snoring

  • Cardiovascular risk factors such as high BMI or high blood pressure

Performing a Home based sleep study allows you the benefit of being in the comfort of your own home or other familiar settings.


You can walk around and sleep in your own bed. The signals from the brain show when you are asleep and when you wake up from sleep. The breathing signals and oxygen levels give information about breathing during sleep. Some patients have stop-start breathing during the night, a disorder called sleep apnoea. The leg leads show if there is any movement or twitching, which may disturb sleep. A sleep study can also pick up other rarer sleep problems.

If you've been scheduled for a home sleep study, you'll need to pick up the equipment from the Clinic. You'll meet with a sleep technologist to learn how to properly place the sensors and start the study.  You can pick up the device or have monitoring leads attached.


In preparation for your Sleep Study, please follow below instructions;

On day of the test:

  • For best results, do not take a nap on the day of the test. 

  • Avoid caffeine products (coffee, tea or cola/energy drinks) after breakfast.

  • Remove nail polish from your non dominant index finger (pointer or middle finger).  If you have fake nails, remove at least one before your appointment. 


On night of the test:

  • Please allow 20-30 minutes before bed time to attach the device 

  • Aim to be in bed at your usual bed time and sleep for your normal hours.

  • Follow your usual routine for best results

  • Have a shower, wash your face, (remove all traces of make-up) , wash your hair and skin and dry the areas thoroughly. 

  • Hair: Do not apply hair sprays, oils or gels. 

  • Skin: Do not apply skin creams or lotions on the face, neck, chest or legs. 

  • Wear comfortable clothing, including a singlet or T-shirt for adequate device attachment.

  • you must be clean shaven on site where adhesive dots attached for best results. (remember “stubble is trouble”)


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