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Sleep & Respiratory Consultation

By arranging an appointment with our sleep and respiratory physician at Sleep and Respiratory Healthcare, you will benefit from a comprehensive face-to-face appointment. This is an important first step in developing a personalised plan to deliver the best patient care possible. It provides patients the opportunity to meet our specialist to discuss their concerns, symptoms and overall health. This will allow the Doctor to evaluate and identify the nature of the problem, in order to determine the most appropriate treatment for you.

If you wish to arrange a consultation with the specialist, you will need a valid referral from a doctor (ie. Specialist or GP) prior to booking an appointment. If your Doctor has referred you to us, they are seeking specialist care or advice regarding your sleep or Respiratory Health and believes that there is a net benefit to you going ahead.


New patient consultation generally runs for a minimum of 45 minutes. Review consultations are approximately 30 minutes.

During the consultation, the sleep and respiratory physician will conduct a thorough assessment by asking questions about your health history, family history and your lifestyle. He may refer you for a Respiratory Function test, sleep study or other tests/treatments and procedures deemed necessary for your care. 


If you have tests done prior to the consultation. The results will be discussed at your initial consultation. The sleep and respiratory physician will advise you if more tests or treatments is required and may recommend CPAP therapy. He will discuss the options with you.

After the consultation, our sleep and respiratory physician will provide a letter to your referring doctor. It mainly includes a summary of test results and findings, along with any treatment recommendations and a follow-up plan.

It is natural to be nervous when visiting the clinic for the first time. However, rest assured that our friendly staff and Doctor will make you feel at ease. Remember that we are here to help you. We are committed in providing the best possible care and outcome for all our patients.

What should I expect at a consultation?

  1. Arrive at Sleep & Respiratory Healthcare clinic and check in with reception staff

  2. Attend with your Medicare card, Concession card, Private Health Insurance card and referral if available.

  3. We may ask you to complete paperwork ie. new patient registration form

  4. You will meet the specialist in a private consultation room and begin your consultation

  5. Once your consultation is complete, you will go back to reception to finalize your appointment

How much does it cost?

Patients can enquire about the cost of their consultation when making an appointment. Fees are partially covered by Medicare for Medicare holders.

How can I get the most out of my consultation?

  • Try to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment

  • Prepare a list of questions that you would like to discuss with the specialist and bring it to the appointment

  • Attend with a family member or friend for support

  • If you are currently on CPAP therapy, you can bring your CPAP equipment with you

  • Switch off your mobile phone during your consultation

  • If you have any questions during your consultation, please feel free to ask. Our staff are here to help you

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